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Expressions of interest sought for Renewable Energy Prospectus

RED Grants R4 announcement


You are invited to participate in the Peel Development Commission’s publication of a Renewable Energy Industry Investment Prospectus to showcase the amazing work being done in WA. 

The Investment Prospectus will be led by the Peel Development Commission with input from the Department of Jobs Tourism Science and Investment (Invest and Trade WA). 

If your project is based in the southern Perth metropolitan area or Peel region, we would like to hear from you.

By providing details of your low carbon transition projects, your company and projects will be showcased in the publication. If you would like to contribute, please submit your Expression of Interest and basic project and/or initiative details here, and we will be in touch with you. 

It is our ambition to build on the our competitive advantages to attract capital investment and develop the clean energy ecosystem and the related supply chains that will ultimately build what is needed to make the clean energy transition a near-term reality. We look forward to your collaboration. 


Who should contribute?

The Peel Development Commission understands that industry transition to a low carbon economy and the achievement of net zero by 2050 will be a collective effort. It also recognises that the energy system and infrastructure operates within the context of a broader ecosystem. Meaning that, in understanding both opportunity and investment potential, it must look beyond its own regional geographic boundaries.  

The Commission welcomes collaboration with the understanding that the low carbon transition is something we must achieve together.  

We are seeking projects located between Perth and Bunbury in the following areas: 

  • Renewable energy 
  • Circular economy 
  • Carbon capture and storage 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Innovation/technology 
  • Electrification

We are open to showcasing projects that are under development, at FEED and/or operational. 

What is an Industry prospectus?

Invest and Trade has published similar Prospectus works such as the Renewable Hydrogen Industry Prospectus (Jan 2023), Critical minerals and Battery Technology Prospectus (June 2022). Our prospectus will take a very similar same format. 

Why is the Peel Development Commission doing this work?

The project is being delivered as a specific initiative that contributes to the Peel Development Commission and the Regional Development Commission portfolio plan in addressing the focus area ‘low carbon transition’. 

We know the importance of this work. It is the Commission role to promote their region and facilitate coordination between relevant statutory bodies, the State government and industry to identify opportunities for investment and supporting infrastructure and encourage that investment. We see an Investment Prospectus as an important way to highlight the competitive advantages of the region to a broad audience.  

What do you aim to achieve from the Prospectus?

We aim to deliver an Interregional Renewable Energy Investment Prospectus that: 

  • Broadens stakeholder awareness of the renewable projects occurring in the Region. 
  • Highlights investment opportunities across the various renewable sector value chains wind, solar, hydrogen, battery and manufacturing et al. 
  • Highlights the competitive advantages of the Peel/SW region for low carbon project investment. 
  • Attracts foreign interest and direct investment (international, interstate, local) – potentially people and organisation with little to no knowledge of WA, Perth and the Peel and South-West Region. 
  • Allows companies to showcase their prospects/proposals and projects to build their own brand and reputation. 
  • Builds the Region’s domestic and international brand and reputation. 
  • Builds Peel’s domestic and international brand and reputation in the renewable energy sector for promotion to prospective investors. 
When will it be published?

We anticipate that the final Investment Prospectus will be completed and available online by June 30, 2023. 

How will it be published?

The Investment Prospectus will be professionally published in a format suitable for online consumption and distribution only. The Peel Development Commission will coordinate a media campaign and host the document on its own website. 

We intend to promote the Prospectus via the Commission’s website, online and physical newsletter/magazine and social media.  

The Publication will be designed to allow for the Commission to update the ‘showcase projects’ from time to time so the publication and content remains up-to-date. 

Is there any cost?

 No. The Commission is sponsoring this Project.