Local Content Program

The Peel Development Commission has a strong commitment to diversifying the region’s economic base, growth of business and entrepreneurship and the development, attraction and retention of skilled people. To support this focus, the State Government has launched a Local Content Program to maximise the participation of regional industry in regional supply or works contracting opportunities. Recognising that it can often be challenging for businesses to access and engage as a supplier, Local Content Advisers have been appointed in each Regional Development Commission to take a lead role in promoting supply opportunities and facilitating regional business capability and growth.

At a regional level, the Local Content Adviser Network is dedicated to improving the contracting success of our regions. With eyes and ears on the ground in each region, LCAN is focused on increasing opportunities for regional businesses and advocating for the success of regional businesses in the contracting arena. The Local Content Adviser in each region works with a range of stakeholders including government, industry groups and local businesses to tailor activities to respond to the unique requirements of their communities.

Peel Local Content Adviser aims to:

  • Connect local businesses to supply opportunities in the region
  • Enable regional business to be competitive in regional procurement processes
  • Inform the design of government procurement activities to maximise local business participation

For further information contact the Peel Local Content Adviser, Larissa Stacy, on 9535 4140 or email localcontent@peel.wa.gov.au

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Local Content Advisers are available to provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas. Their focus is on helping support regional businesses compete for regional supply opportunities. This role is an essential component of the WA Industry Link initiative under the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017.

Peel Local Content Adviser can assist with:

• Understanding how to sell to Government
• Find assistance to build supply chain capability and capacity
• Identify upcoming government supply opportunities
• Identify State and Federal Government financial assistance programs
• Understand your rights and responsibilities under the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 and the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy
• Facilitate connecting head contractors with subcontractors
• Participate in productivity and business capability activities

For further information contact the Peel Local Content Adviser, Larissa Stacy, on 9535 4140 or email localcontent@peel.wa.gov.au

WA Industry Link Initiative

WA Industry Link

The WA Industry Link initiative comprises of the Western Australian Participation Strategy, the Industry Link Advisory Service, a statewide network of regionally based Local Content Advisers and a web portal. The Local Content Advisers work in collaboration with the Department of Jobs, Science and Innovation to deliver the WA Industry Link initiative in the regions.

For more information on WA Industry Link and to access a range of resources please visit industrylink.wa.gov.au

For further information contact the Peel Local Content Adviser on 9535 4140 or email localcontent@peel.wa.gov.au

Peel Local Content Adviser will help develop, promote and maximise opportunities for local businesses, contractors and jobseekers in the regions by connecting to relevant government, industry, businesses, Aboriginal Corporations, employment and training stakeholders.
The Local Content Adviser also aims to promote scheduled major upcoming contracts in the Region to support early identification of opportunities to local business and industry.

State Government

Western Australian government departments use Tenders WA to advertise their public requests and publish contractual awards, including sole source purchases.
To register as a supplier, click Register Your Business to enter your business details and select the products/services that relate to your industry. This will enable your business to access the range of tender opportunities across the Peel Region.
To access a range of State Government tender platforms and register as a supplier go to Western Australian Government Opportunities.

Local Government

The Peel Region consists of five local governments. For information on tenders for each local government please click on the links below:
City of Mandurah – Tenders and Quotations page
Shire of Boddington
Shire of Murray – Tenders page
Shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale – Tenders page
Shire of Waroona – Annual Tenders page

To access a range of Local Government tender platforms and to register as a supplier go to Local Government Opportunities

The government has in place a range of financial and advisory programs to help businesses build capability, capacity and competitiveness in the supply chain. Local Content Advisers promote these programs and support local businesses to access these opportunities.

Local Capability Fund

Both Local Capability Fund (LCF) rounds – Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) and Regional Aboriginal Business are currently closed, but it is anticipated that both will reopen.

The LCF is an initiative under the State Government’s Plan for jobs. The purpose of the fund is to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Western Australia to increase their capability and competitiveness as suppliers of products, services and works to the Western Australian State Government, major projects and other important markets.

The LCF typically provides funding assistance on a dollar for dollar basis for activities such as planning, improvements to internal infrastructure, plant and equipment and training.

For further information visit WA Industry Link.

Some of the key projects and focus areas in the Peel region include;

Madora Bay Primary School
Pinjarra Senior High School
South Metropolitan TAFE Mandurah Campus
West Byford Primary School
Lakelands Station
Mandurah Rail Depot Sign-on Building
Mandurah Station Multi – Storey Carpark
Bunbury Outer Ring Road – BORR

Aboriginal Business Engagement

Aboriginal business engagement is a key priority for the LCAN. In the Peel this includes working with the City of Mandurah on the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, part of the City’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), delivering contract management and social media workshops in collaboration with the Wirra Hub, involvement in the South West Native Title Settlement and working with Indigenous Managed Services (IMS) on an Aboriginal Engagement and Participation Plan for the Peel Development Commission.

Other awareness and capability initiatives include;

• Connecting with Noongar CCI to increase registration of Peel businesses
• Collaborating with PHCC and Winjan in the application process for the successful Aboriginal Ranger’s Program
• Supporting the implementation of the revised Aboriginal Procurement Policy 2021 and the WA Implementation Plan for Closing the Gap 2021
• Collaborating with PHCC and IMS in conducting Wirra Hub business information seminars to assist regional Aboriginal businesses grow their businesses, and encouraging the use of the free business coaching service
• Connecting with regional Aboriginal businesses and providing information around tendering and subcontracting opportunities

The LCA is consistently investigating any prospective work opportunities to involve our regional Aboriginal businesses, to ensure for further growth and the creation of tangible sustainable and positive outcomes.