Ms Lisa Baker MLA, Paddi Creevey, Ms Robyn Clarke MLA and President David Bolt - Image © Josh Cowling

Ms Lisa Baker MLA, Paddi Creevey, Ms Robyn Clarke MLA and President David Bolt – Image © Josh Cowling

Pinjarra, Monday 12th February 2018…A strategy positioning the Peel as the premier region for the expansion of the equine industry in Western Australia has been developed and launched by the Peel Development Commission.

Chair of the Peel Development Commission, Paddi Creevey, said the strategy recommends initiatives for investment and development to support future growth of a thriving industry.

“The horse industry contributes an estimated $175.9 million to the local economy and provides 1,547 jobs in the Peel ranging from racing and recreational pursuits to breeders, vets, farriers etc. It is a thriving industry ingrained within our region’s history and culture, so it is imperative we plan to ensure its sustainability and prosperity.”

Ms Creevey thanked all those who worked co-operatively to create the future equine plan.

“A number of agencies have a role to play in fostering a strong and resilient equine industry. There is opportunity for town planning and policy decisions to capitalise on the presence of existing Peel equine assets such as the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre (MREC) as hubs of horse activity, we can further boost tourism events such as regional eventing, dressage and other competitions and promote our network of horse trails to attract visitors to our unique natural beauty.”

The strategy also targets infrastructure investment projects that will increase sporting and recreational participation and stimulate local businesses and jobs. Currently, the racing sector employs 789 and the non-racing sector 758 employs people within the Peel region with the majority of facilities and businesses located within the Shires of Murray and Serpentine-Jarrahdale.

“Assets such as the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre, which was funded partly by a Royalties for Regions grant of $257,900 administered by the Peel Development Commission, develop the industry’s regional influence and build capacity. I congratulate the Shire of Murray for their vision and work they have put into the Centre which all the local governments in the region have supported. By adopting the goals identified in the strategy and the recommendation that Peel forms an equine industry body to capitalise on the momentum, we can win the race and become the premier equine destination in WA,” said Ms Creevey.

Listen to the podcast of Brett Dunn speaking to Paddi Creevey on Radio 6MM here:


Media Contact:        Andrew Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Peel Development Commission, andrew.ward@peel.gov.wa.au , (08) 9535 4140