LocalContent Drill

Major government agencies will improve the local content of their contracts to support local businesses.

The state government’s Local Content initiative is gathering momentum with Regional Development Commission (RDC) representatives briefed on how major government agencies will improve the local content of their contracts to support local businesses. Local Content Officers (LCOs) were also briefed by the WA Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WA Local Government Association and the Small Business Development Corporation in this regard.

Supply Nation, a national organisation which certifies and registers Aboriginal businesses and connects them to corporate members seeking contractors to deliver services, also provided an overview of how they could contribute to the local content program.

The WA Jobs Bill that sets the legislative framework for Local Content has been through the Legislative Assembly and the drafting of the related Industry Participation Strategy is underway. The Act and related strategy will be in place early 2018 and will provide the guidelines and templates for the program which will have a strong focus on requiring the engagement with local businesses for the supply of goods and services on state funded projects.

At a local level, the Transform Peel Strategic Advisory Committee has been briefed on the content of the Act and the proposed strategy as the project is one of the major state funded program of projects that can have a positive local content outcome for the Peel.

Other opportunities exist through engaging with local businesses to advise them of government tender processes and opportunities to see if they have the interest, capability and capacity to deliver goods and services and to put in a tender. A link to Tenders WA is on the front page of the PDC website.

Providing access and understanding of the state tender process and tenderers content will be a major focus for the Peel Development Commission’s Local Content Officer, Kelvin Barr, over the coming months to ensure businesses are connected and informed about the opportunities they can access now and into the future.

Local Content is a high priority of the government and the projected timeline and outcomes are an important focus of the Commission.

For further information please contact Kelvin Barr, Local Content officer on 9535 4140.