Local Aboriginal-owned business Indigenous Managed Services (IMS) has completed landscaping works for the Lakes Road roundabout at the Peel Business Park in Nambeelup in the Shire of Murray.

IMS is a registered Supply Nation and Aboriginal Business Directory WA business founded in 2017, currently employing 12 full-time workers and more than 200 casual staff members. Images courtesy of DevelopmentWA

The landscaping plan was developed in close consultation with local Bindjareb Traditional Owners, with its design reflecting the six seasons of the Noongar calendar.

All plants used in the design are species local to the Nambeelup area.

The 50-metre wide Lakes Road roundabout was designed to cater for an increase in traffic and to facilitate the safe movement of large trucks and other vehicles, as Peel Business Park continues to be developed into a significant industrial precinct.

Peel Business Park is an innovative industrial estate that has been under development for several years, and features a solar powered microgrid providing power cost savings to businesses.

Lands Minister John Carey said the Peel Business Park is a strategically important industrial estate that has been driving significant economic growth and providing a wide range of employment opportunities in the Peel region.

“The engagement of IMS to undertake landscape works has assisted in supporting our ambition to help build business capabilities and create new jobs within the Peel region and for the local Noongar community.

“With IMS subcontracting to other local and Aboriginal businesses, the appointment is aligned with the McGowan Government’s WA Buy Local Policy and Aboriginal Procurement Policy, reflecting this Government’s commitment in maximising opportunities for Aboriginal businesses,” said Mr Carey.

The industrial estate is part of the 35-year Transform Peel project, which aims to create new industries, employment hubs and improve food security in the Peel region, which is destined to become an innovation hub for the food and agricultural industries. Peel Business Park has received $45.2 million in funding through the Transform Peel project.

Transform Peel is devised, developed and delivered by the Peel Development Commission.

The $49.4 million transformational program is currently funded by the Western Australian Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

Peel Business Park is located in Nambeelup in the Shire of Murray  |  Credit: Nexxt Frame Photography