22 September 2016 … Royalties for Regions funding of $70,100 has been granted for the Stage 2 establishment costs for Fairbridge’s Curriculum and Re-Engagement (CARE) school. This specialised non-government school provides a much needed alternative pathway to education, training and employment skills for at risk young people in the Peel region. More than 900 students are enrolled across 10 Care schools in WA, up 81 per cent over the past five years.

The Regional Grant Scheme funding grant will be applied to establishment costs including office and classroom equipment, IT and software, teaching resources (excursions, library books, sporting equipment), student and staff uniforms, and marketing.

The Peel Regional Grants Scheme is administered by the Peel Development Commission.

Chairman Paul Fitzpatrick said the project aligned directly with Royalties for Region’s stated objectives as well as the Peel Development Commission’s Regional Investment Blueprint pillar of Capable People.

“Within the Peel, we have areas with low school attendance rates and a lack of diversity in options for young people for education and training. Supporting this type of education infrastructure contributes to individuals’ learning capacity and this supports the wider community’s sustainable economic and social future,” he said.

Murray Wellington MLA Murray Cowper said the grant would not only assist to widen vocational and social skills amongst at risk young people in the Peel, it would also assist Fairbridge to further grow its rapidly increasing reputation as a provider of  successful rehabilitation and advancement programs.

“Fairbridge is already supported at State and Federal level for the outstanding success it achieves with programs that concentrate on giving young people a positive ‘second start’.  It is vital that all facets of their work are continued,” he said.

Fairbridge CARE School principal Jen Newlands welcomed the announcement.

“We are thrilled to have been given such a generous amount of funding from Royalties for Regions and it will be put directly to where it matters most — our students. The success of our school depends on the support of the local community through the opportunities it can provide in relation to funding, infrastructure and community participation,” said Jen Newlands.

Anyone interested in learning more about applications for the next round of Regional Grants Scheme funding should contact the Peel Development Commission’s Grants Officers on 95354140.

Media Contact:        Andrew Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Peel Development Commission, Andrew.Ward@peel.gov.wa.au, (08) 9535 4140