WA Food Innovation Precinct

WA Food Innovation Precinct

The Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct is being developed in the Peel region to support Western Australia in building a robust and vibrant food and beverage manufacturing sector.

Specialised equipment and research and production capabilities will ensure the Precinct offers a substantial variety of technologies and processing methods, aimed at scientifically proving nutrition and traceability, and the development of high-value food with extended shelf life.

The Precinct will create an enabling environment for Western Australian, Australian and global entrepreneurs, food companies and agri-enterprises to cost-effectively network, research, develop, prototype and market-test new value-added food products derived from Western Australia primary produce.

Successful delivery and operation of the Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct is being achieved through;

  • Understanding how multi-lateral and bi-lateral policy shifts, international transport capacities and costs, and changing consumer preferences will impact the food and beverage market
  • Building workforce skills and creating regional employment in all aspects of food production, including advanced manufacturing capabilities
  • Building local food chains that connect our small and larger producers/farmers with strong local and export markets – transforming produce currently grown in Western Australia into high quality, high value foods and beverages


WA Food Innovation Precinct

Economic modelling indicates that the Precinct may increase Western Australia’s food and beverage sector output between one the three percent in the first five years of operation.

This translates into between 17 and 51 new food businesses delivering benefits to the Western Australian economy, including;

  • Growth in WA’s food and beverage sector output by between $110 and $330 million
  • Economic injection of between $245 and $737 million in other economy sectors
  • Direct job creation of between 169 and 506 jobs
  • Indirect job creation of between 323 and 977 jobs





Originally conceptualised as a catalyst for Transform Peel, the Precinct has been made possible through;

  • State Government funding of $45.2 million for the completion of the Peel Business Park headworks infrastructure
  • A $21.75 million Federal Government Regional Growth Fund grant for the Precinct’s construction
  • Additional State Government funding of $2.5 million as a contribution to an Innovation Voucher Scheme offering grants to industry in order to access research, specialised equipment and Precinct facilities

Download the Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct flyer here.

WA Food Innovation Precinct