Peel Agri Food Study

Transform Peel - Peel Food Zone
Peel Food Zone innovative farming

The Peel region is strategically positioned to contribute to the food and nutrition security of the Perth Metropolitan area, and greater Western Australia. The region also has capacity to capture high-value export opportunities to capitalise on global demand for food.

The Peel Agri Food Study identifies the Peel region as having the capacity for a range of high-value intensive rural and food production activities. The study researched land in the Peel region to assess its suitability for a range of intensive rural and food production uses.

Highlighted by the study were several innovative food production solutions as well as research for producing high-value product for domestic and global markets.

This research supports the region’s capacity to capture high-value export opportunities and to capitalise on the increasing global demand for food .


Peel Food Zone high yield food production

The Peel Agri Food Study also provides insight into the modern infrastructure, transport requirements and supply chain logistics that support efficient agri-food value chains in the Peel as a secure long-term location.

Traditional food industries based in the Perth Metropolitan area are transitioning to the peri-urban Peel Food Zone, which provides a secure long term location with modern infrastructure, transport and supply chain logistics to support efficient agrifood value chains. The food industry transition program assists with facilitating decisions by existing WA and Australian food industries and related support industries under planning re-development pressure to relocate to the Peel Business Park.

Food Zone research and innovation

The Peel Agri Food Study indicates innovative food technology solutions while protecting the productive capacity of our soil and water resources, and maintaining WA’s world-class biosecurity system to deliver clean, safe and premium products. The WA agrifood sector is vital to growing our economy, jobs and regions.

The Peel Agri Food Study is managed by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

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