Commercial Leasing


Peel Business Mastery Event – Commercial Leasing session


The Commercial Leasing session will introduce you to leasing business premises and some of the areas you need to consider.

Leasing business premises is a big step for many small businesses. This session will help you to understand what some of the risks are associated with leasing and how to negotiate a lease which will work for your business.

In this session you’ll learn:

• How to negotiate a lease that works for your business
• What lease terms should be avoided
• How retail leases are impacted by legislation
• How to manage your relationship with your landlord or managing agent
• What to do if things go wrong


Presenter bio

Brian Childs is a senior adviser at the Small Business Development Corporation, the WA government’s only dedicated small business agency. Brian has a background in designing and delivering business development workshops and has worked extensively with small business owners to assist them to grow and build wealth.

Brian has extensive knowledge of the commercial leasing legislation in WA and has been providing practical, commercial advice on this topic for the last five years.