Peel Business Mastery Event – Cyber Security


There are many cyber threats today pointed at Aussie businesses, but it can be quite easy to keep them at bay and secure your business and employees by following some simple and clear steps.

Project and Engagement Coordinator from the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub, Simon Carabetta simplifies cyber security for you. Today’s digital landscape can seem quite scary and difficult to navigate, however this session will enable you to see how simple it really is to secure your business.

In this session, you’ll learn:

• Setting up a secure network for your business
• Employing effective password protection
• Guarding your employees and your business from phishing attacks and utilising effective security awareness
• Using social media safely
• Enabling secure tools such as two factor authentication and password managers


Presenter bio

A former high school media studies teacher, Simon has brought his love of educating and speaking with others into his role as Project and Engagement Coordinator at the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub. A relative ‘newbie’ to the cyber security industry, Simon developed a keen interest in understanding why people fall for online scams while doing an overseas teaching stint in Dubai. It was this curiosity of social engineering and the ’human factor’ in cyber attacks that led Simon to pursue a career in this industry.

Simon was the architect behind the first employee cyber education program at Water Corporation in 2019 and it was through building his network and knowledge of the mechanisms within the cyber security industry, that he became part of the AustCyber team.

Simon has a bachelor in Communications and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from Edith Cowan University.