Supplying to the WA Government


Peel Business Mastery Event – Supplying to the WA Government session


Trying to supply to government? Feel like you’re in the trenches? Supplying Goods and Services to the WA Government will defuse the confusion surrounding government quotes and tenders.

The Western Australian government relies on business to deliver critical services to our community. So how do you get a slice of the government pie? This session will demystify WA government quotes and tenders and explain in simple terms, how you can supply your services to WA government.

In this session, you’ll learn;

• How to find out about opportunities to supply to WA Government;
• What a government request for quote or tender looks like;
• How to submit your offer to government;
• How your offer is evaluated; and
• Hot tips on supplying to government.


Presenter bio

Department of Finance



Representative of Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is a strategic advisor to the State Government and associated government departments and agencies. We are central in providing advice on government reform projects, project and asset management, procurement and Policy.

Finance oversees major non-residential building projects including schools, health facilities and prison projects. We also manage government office accommodation to drive efficiencies and savings to the WA taxpayer.

Finance are leaders in government procurement. We utilise strong buying power to secure products and services for government, delivering value-for-money outcomes to the WA taxpayer.

Finance collects revenue on behalf of government and administers the payment of grants and subsidies to the community.