Peel Business Mastery Event – Digital Literacy session


Learn to use the best digital platforms in the correct way to increase your sales.

In this session Jerry will provide an overview of the essential parts of digital marketing that small businesses can use to increase their sales. For every platform, he will show how you can best use it for your business and how you can make your campaigns on all platforms work together for an optimal outcome.

During the session we will address several important questions:

• Which type of content and interactions should be used on your website and those not to use.
• Do you need a website, or should you focus on social media?
• Which social media platform(s) should you use for your business and how?
• Would a newsletter be useful for your business, and how should it connect to your other platforms?
• Is it time for you to venture into paid online advertising or is it a waste of money?

Join us and see how literate you are!


Presenter bio

Jerry Hoekman is originally from the Netherlands and has lived all over the world and has worked as Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for large corporations and small agencies. Jerry is specialised in developing tailor made digital strategies for small businesses and creating multi-channel campaigns to grow sales.

Jerry is Business Advisory’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Based in Mandurah, he is available for Free digital marketing advisory sessions and runs workshops in digital marketing in the Peel and South West.

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