Peel Business Mastery Event – Build and Grow Your Finances session

The Peel Business Mastery Build and Grow Your Finances session aims to help you look beyond the day to day running of the business, plus find ways to engage the Levers of Profit to survive and thrive in a changing business climate.

Understanding the financial statements of business can be overwhelming and confusing. Financial statements can appear to be complex and complicated.

In this session Ann Maree aims to help participants demystify the financial statements used in business and support improved decision making. It’s for anyone who works in any kind of business and wants to improve their understanding of business finances, not just your tax statements.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

• Feel confident when speaking to your professional advisors about your business
• Gain clarity and understand the information in the three main financial reports: Budgets and Cash Flow statements, Profit and Loss statement and the Balance Sheet
• Understand how scenario planning is a key to managing your business cashflow
• Learn banking rules of thumb – for example the ‘Levers of Profit’
• Learn tips on how to make the most of your relationships with your bank or financier


Presenter bio

Ann Maree O‘Callaghan has worked closely with business owners and managers, offering support and proven processes to manage change, build resilience, and to help them develop strategies to cope at a personal level and to focus on business sustainability and recovery.

Ann Maree O’Callaghan has been involved with the creation and delivery of developing business plans, building and delivering business resilience programs – including the highly successful Business Growth Mentoring program; the Regroup, Refocus, Reactivate your business workshop series; Managing upheaval and change; Taking control of your finances; plus developing business plans and investment strategies related to West Australian businesses for nearly three decades.

Ann Maree is a highly sought after business mentor and strategist. She has a unique skill of making the complex appear simple and takes the time to ensure that participants understand ways to implement and manage change. She has worked across a wide variety of industries, including with indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse groups for many years, with outstanding feedback.

You can find more about Ann Maree O’Callaghan from Value Creators at www.valuecreators.com.au

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