The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale (SJ) continues to be the fastest growing local government area in Australia. Home to pristine natural attractions that are ripe for tourism investment, and exciting developments across new industrial precincts, SJ is transitioning into a prosperous metropolitan hub with strong country values right on the cusp of the Perth Metropolitan region. With a strong, resilient community who is passionate about retaining a country-feel within a fast-paced environment and a Council determined to see progress with that in mind, the future for SJ is full of exciting opportunities.

We’re leading our community into the future.

With this comes challenges such as keeping up with the rapid growth of our community as we improve our infrastructure, including new recreational facilities and community-based programs that are craved by the community. Our plan for the future includes a vision of Serpentine Jarrahdale that caters for the diverse needs of an ever-changing community, while staying true to our identity as a location. The community recently came together to give us their thoughts for our Local Development Strategies, meaning that residents are more involved than ever in how SJ is taking shape. These strategies are backed by an award-winning planning approach, that empowers developers while protecting our natural environment and the relaxed, community-based vibes residents remember fondly from their own childhoods.

Our passionate community will continue to celebrate the things they love about living in a hyper-growth area. The annual SJ Food and Farm Festival is bolstered this year by the SJ Food and Farm Alliance having published ‘Food and Farms in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’, which talks about the importance and vitality of local farms and produce. Our Neighbourhood Watch program was recently awarded a prestigious Gold Participation Award (Local Government) from Neighbourhood Watch WA, highlighting the emphasis we place on creating a strong and resilient community.

Our goal is to bring a new dimension to our community, by transforming Serpentine Jarrahdale into a fast-paced food bowl environment. It’s safe to say that SJ is providing value-adding programs and channels for community engagement that will enrich the lifestyle our area offers.

Smart agriculture will be the driver for our economy.

Rural living continues to be the heart of the Serpentine Jarrahdale lifestyle. We’re mindful that we’re planning for the future growth of our community, which includes exploring employment opportunities while encouraging sustainable ways of living and doing business. The Shire currently produces 60% of Western Australia’s poultry supply, with Steggles just one household name that has chosen to base their operations in SJ.

But we’re ready for other industries, too. We are actively seeking to develop our agricultural areas in the south of SJ into booming business opportunities that will be supported by our sustainably-developed industrial areas. We’re encouraging innovative investors who want to change the way agricultural products are planned, farmed, and marketed. We are actively seeking those who want to advance in vertical farming, aquaculture, and other areas of agribusiness. Agriculture is a major economic foundation, and likely always will be. That’s why we intend to nurture the development of these industries, in line with principles that will help our community to prosper.

We’re continuing to celebrate and protect our heritage.

With our roots steeped in the forestry industry, a natural starting point as we explore heritage tourism is the historic timber town of Jarrahdale. A town that was key to the development of the State, Jarrahdale provided timber for some of the most iconic buildings in Western Australia – some of which still stand today!

We promote existing opportunities for people to get up close and personal with Jarrahdale’s unique heritage such as the Jarrahdale Ghost Walk and celebrate the town’s rich timber history with events like the Jarrahdale Log Chop. We’re also working in close partnership with the National Trust to secure the future of key historical buildings within the townsite, like the Mill Manager’s House. In conjunction with the existing facilities available, such as the Jarrahdale Skate Park and the RV Short Stay area.

Jarrahdale is supported by fantastic, boutique local businesses. Meals at the quirky and comfortable Jarrahdale General Store are always a hit, as is the wide selection of award-winning wines at picturesque Millbrook Winery. We’d like to see business in Jarrahdale supported into the future with the addition of adventure tourism, expansion of walking and mountain-biking trails, and the development of high-end wellness retreats and glamping accommodation.

Stronger infrastructure means a safer, more connected community.

Along with significant advances in the economic and community development sectors, SJ is also working hard to improve our infrastructure. The upgrade of Abernethy Road in Byford is the largest capital works project the Shire has undertaken to date, and will cost an estimated total of $18.6M. Improvement to strategic infrastructure such as this will not only improve the traffic experience for vehicle users, but will also increase the safety for pedestrians seeking to make the most of the continuing revitalisation of the Byford town center.

The Shire has also recently received $1M of funding from the State Government towards the redevelopment of Briggs Park, one of SJ’s oldest and most highly-used recreational areas. This funding will be injected into stage 1 of the project and will enable us to carry out the installation of subsoil drainage and new turf for the Lower Oval, and much-needed lighting for the precinct. With the completion of the Byford Skate Park due to be complete this financial year, the Briggs Park Youth Room already in use – and all within easy reach of the SJ Community Recreation Centre, the implementation of the Shire’s Briggs Park Master Plan is well underway.

Another essential project for SJ is the realignment of the freight railway line out of the Mundijong town centre. Progression of this initiative will also support the continued development of the West Mundijong Industrial Area (which will include an Inter-Modal Transport Hub that will connect our infrastructure to the upcoming WestPort site in Kwinana), the development of Cardup Business Park, and future possible rejuvenation of the Mundijong town site.

The extension of Tonkin Highway through to South Western Highway will mean significant advancements for Serpentine Jarrahdale in terms of transport linkages. The project would see a 13.8km extension of the current Highway, at an anticipated cost of $405M. This project has been fully supported by the local governments of the Peel Region, as well as the City of Armadale, City of Kwinana, and the Kwinana Industrial Council.

For more information about us, our projects, and our community, please visit www.sjshire.wa.gov.au.