The Peel Development Commission’s Chair, Paddi Creevey, visited the Peel Zoo early last month to celebrate the Noongar to Zoo program.

This program is designed to teach the relationships between Noongar people and native animals, and thereby help to preserve Noongar language and culture. The project represents a collaboration between Noongar Elder, “Uncle” Charlie Kickett, his niece, Rita Lusted, and the management and staff of Peel Zoo and the Peel Zoo Foundation.

Noongar to Zoo features a 32-page booklet accompanied by an app and USB audio files to provide an interactive audio experience to zoo visitors. When visitors download the app, they can use the QR codes on the zoo enclosures to reveal facts about the animals and how to pronounce their Noongar names correctly.

For more information about the Peel Zoo and the Noongar to Zoo program, please visit;