Peel Away the Mask: Community & Health Service Provider Workshops in Peel

Start date: 09/11/2021 | End date: 17/11/2021

Are you a community or health service provider operating in the Peel region? Help us identify priority action areas to create positive change for the people of Peel.

The Peel Community Development Group, with support from the Peel Development Commission and Peel Alliance, are delivering the third Peel Away the Mask Report. The Peel Away the Mask Reports examine the social conditions of the Peel region’s diverse population and the capacity and capability of the health and community sector services to respond to the needs of communities.

A series of workshops will be delivered around the Peel region in November 2021, with service providers and stakeholders within the health and community services sector. These workshops will explore the data and themes emerging from consultation and research conducted for the Peel Away the Mask III Report and ask participants to identify common priority action areas that will deliver outcomes for the communities of the Peel region, and those working in the sector.

The outcome of these workshops will be a strong advocacy document that can be used by organisations in the sector to advocate for enhanced services and support, which has been a strong benefit of previous PATM reports.

Click on the below link to register your attendance at one or more of the Peel Away the Mask Workshops happening in November. Each workshop will have a focus on one or more of the Region’s Local Government Areas (Mandurah, Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Boddington and Waroona), helping us to understand the unique challenges and solutions required across our diverse region.


REGISTER HERE – https://peelawaythemaskworkshops.eventbrite.com.au

Peel Away the Mask Surveys

If you haven’t already completed the Peel Away the Mask surveys, we would really appreciate you taking time to do so as part of your registration.

Three online surveys have been developed to capture the insights and experiences of community and health service providers who operate anywhere in the Peel Region as well as members of the Peel community.

Survey 1: For individuals working in the Peel Region’s health and community sector

Multiple people within an organisation may respond to the individual survey, as we understand that there are diverse focus areas and experiences within organisations.

Complete the survey as an individual working in the sector: https://forms.gle/UAgUMxXiXMVo6GKb6

Survey 2: For organisations working in the Peel Region’s health and community sector

We ask that only one survey be completed per organisation.

Complete the survey on behalf of your organisation: https://forms.gle/ohCpM8urEWN9doRF6

Survey 3: For community members of Peel

We are also circulating a short online survey for general members of the community to complete. If you live in the Peel Region, please feel free to also complete this survey as a community member.

Complete the community survey: https://forms.gle/2QayvUNFrJ4TcKcF6