Peel Business Mastery Event

It was wonderful to see so many local businesses attend the Peel Business Mastery Event in February. The popularity of the event indicates the appetite for this kind of business support in the region and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. People attending the event said the workshops were really relevant, helpful and applicable and that the one-to-one advisory sessions were terrific for getting tailored advice specific to individual businesses and situations.

This event again demonstrates the strength of the working relationships in this region and the commitment to ensuring that the people in Peel have access to the resources and structures to make sure small businesses can thrive as we navigate this period of uncharted territory.

More about the Business Mastery Event here.

Peel Business Mastery 1-Day event
TedX Mandurah

TedX Mandurah

I was so inspired to attend the inaugural TedX Mandurah event at MPAC on 20 March with twelve amazing, inspiring, connected, informative and entertaining speakers from a variety of backgrounds speaking on a range of topics. The theme of this TedX event was Morphability, the art and science of positive change. This focussed on talks that got us thinking about changing ourselves, our environment, our surroundings, our thoughts and opinions.

One of the takeaways for me was that within our lives, whether we experience or go through positive or negative ups and downs, we all have the ability to adapt and change to suit the environment, to suit the day and the surroundings. We have certainly seen this in our region since the onset of COVID, businesses having to pivot and adapt to a new set of circumstances in order to survive and thrive.

The Peel Development Commission felt privileged to have been one of the sponsors of this truly remarkable event and I can’t thank and acknowledge enough all the hard work by the organisers, volunteers, sponsors, speakers and audience members who helped this event come to life. Thank you especially to Jackie Campbell of Arca Morai who secured the license for this event; the Makers for auspicing it and for the many sponsors and supporters and the 26 volunteers who presented such a professional event. As so many people in our community volunteered to be speakers, there will be a series of TedX forums run throughout the year. This brand of TedX has the potential to highlight the talent in the region and now that we have had TedX Byford and TedX Mandurah, we are well on the way to both providing a platform for our many talented people and also to show to a worldwide audience just what people in this community have to offer.


Persian New Year celebrations

I hear from all accounts that the Persian New Year celebrations over the past weekend were a great success. While I, unfortunately, was unable to attend the event this year, I am very grateful for having been invited and would like to congratulate Mehri on all her hard work and organisation to bring this wonderful community event together. Held at the Mandurah Seniors Centre, it really is a wonderful evening of sharing, fun, dancing and celebrating of our multicultural community here in Mandurah. I look forward to attending future events in the years to come.

Persian New Year

Local Friends Mandurah

Whether it’s large events that will see businesses grow and develop or volunteer not-for-profits, this region seems to do amazing things across all areas. I had the pleasure of attending the official launch of the Local Friends Mandurah initiative on Monday 29th March at Halls Head. Congratulations to Dr Sheila Twine and the group she has established with the support of many others called Local Friends. Local Friends is now part of a compassionate communities network that is supported by Palliative Care WA and really seeks to make sure that no one is left lonely and isolated in our community.

With so many older people living alone who may have become disconnected from their communities or their families are living at a distance, Local Friends is a group that connects these seniors with volunteers in their local community. The volunteer friends are able to visit these individuals for friendship, a chat, a game or just a cuppa. This gives people connection and friendship within their own community.

Local Friends volunteers are all vetted with support from Peel Volunteer Resource Centre and supported by local coordinators. Sheila has worked tirelessly on this initiative and the idea was originally advocated for by Mr David Smeeton (now passed away) and Sheila has taken David’s vision and brought it to reality. Many other communities throughout the State and interstate have now seen what can be done and are seeking advice from Sheila and her amazing group. If you know someone that needs a Local Friend, or would like to become a volunteer friend, please reach out to them at mandurah@localfriends.org.au

You can also read more in the Mandurah Mail here.

And in closing, I’d like to wish everyone in the Peel a happy, restful and safe Easter break. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with friends and family in some of the beautiful places our region has on offer.

Read more about the range of activities and initiatives the Commission has been involved with in our March e-news by clicking here.

Paddi Creevey OAM