Transform Peel is a 35-year visionary project to create new industries, more jobs and improved food security, through innovation, research and collaboration.

Transform Peel aims to capitalise on the Peel region’s unique peri-urban location and proximity to existing export infrastructure. The Peel region is in a strong position to take advantage of existing and emerging market opportunities and to becoming a regional hub for innovation in food and agriculture.

Export-based & trade-driven economy

Transform Peel is a plan to transform Peel’s economy from population-based and service-driven to export-based and trade-driven through a program of integrated and complex, multi-faceted projects.

Historically, Peel’s population growth has been driven by lifestyle-based migration, rather than driven by employment. This accounts for approximately 28.6% of people living in the region travelling to employment in the Perth metropolitan area[1]. Transform Peel represents a significant opportunity to increase the region’s employment self-sufficiency, particularly through food and agriculture.


[1] Department of Training and Workforce Development, 2015. Peel Workforce Development Plan 2015–2018.

Moving into Phase 2

Transform Peel Phase 1: Activation, combined three strategic initiatives; Peel Business Park,including the WA Food Innovation Precinct, the Peel Agri Food Study and the Peel Integrated Water Initiative. With the first phase of the project characterised heavily by research and planning, many key milestones have now been achieved and continue to gather momentum as the project moves into Phase 2: Consolidation, investment attraction and new initiatives.


  • May 2021

    Construction Underway on State’s First Food Innovation Precinct

    A major milestone was reached this week for Western Australian...
  • August 2021

    Local Businesses to Take WA’s Alternative Protein Advances Abroad

    Western Australia is taking a deep dive into the production...
  • April 2016

    2016 Royalties for Regions funding

    Transform Peel secured $49 million in Royalties for Regions funding.
  • June 2016

    Over $25 million in Investments for the Peel Region

    Transform Peel has leveraged an additional $25.372 million in investment...
  • November 2016

    Transform Peel goes to Canberra

    Transform Peel delegation goes to Canberra to visit senior ministers...
  • October 2017

    Peel Agri Food Study Completed

    Peel Agri Food Study is completed by DPIRD and GHD...
  • September 2017

    MAR Study

    Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) study to determine the feasibility of...
  • February 2018

    Memorandum of Understanding

    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was executed between Hon. Alannah MacTiernan...
  • May 2018

    Covered Cropping Forum

    Hosted the Covered Cropping Forum to discuss opportunities in protected...
  • September 2018

    Peel Business Park Registration Opens

    Peel-based business register opens for Peel Business Park land development...
  • October 2018

    Peel Business Park Stage 1

    Peel Business Park Stage 1 lots released
  • January 2018

    Regional Growth Fund for the Agri Innovation Precinct

    $21.7 million is secured from the Federal Government’s Regional Growth...
  • March 2019

    Peel Business Park Registration Re-opens

    Peel-based business register re-opens for Peel Business Park land development...
  • July 2019

    Peel Business Park Trunk Power

    Peel Business Park trunk power infrastructure completed.
  • August 2019

    Peel Business Park Stage 1 Earthworks Completed

    Peel Business Park Stage 1 bulk earthworks completed
  • September 2019

    Wormall Civil appointed contractor for Peel Business Park

    Local civil contractor, Wormall Civil, appointed for subdivision works, road...
  • September 2019

    Peel Agri Food Study awarded the APSEA Best Project

    Peel Agri Food Study awarded the APSEA Best Project in...
  • October 2019

    Enwave Consortium appointed for industrial microgrid

    Enwave Consortium, comprising of Enwave Australia, Synergy and Sunrise Energy,...
  • December 2019

    Wormall Civil commences road and service upgrade works

    Wormall Civil commences road and service upgrade works.
  • December 2019

    DFES Bushfire Centre of Excellence Announced

    DFES Bushfire Centre of Excellence announced as being established in...
  • March 2020

    Bushfire Centre of Excellence Construction Commences

    Construction of the Bushfire Centre of Excellence commences at the...
  • May 2020

    Peel Growers Hub Established

    Peel Growers Hub established to engage with industry and articulate...
  • June 2020

    Titles Issued for Stage 1 Buyers

    Titles issued for settlement of Stage 1 purchasers.
  • April 2020

    Peel Business Park Stage 1 Subdivision

    Peel Business Park Stage 1 subdivision works completed by Wormall...
  • January 2020

    Re-zoning Stage 1 of Peel Business Park

    The successful re-zoning of the first stage of Peel Business...
  • Januray 2020

    PIWI Technical Report

    A new PIWI technical report has been produced by the...
  • December 2020

    Australian-first innovation powering jobs at Peel Business Park

    Australia’s first renewable energy industrial microgrid is up and running...
  • April 2021

    Webinar: How WA food producers can engage with Singapore

    This interactive webinar recording from Wednesday14 April 2021 looks at:...
  • July 2021

    $3.8M Grant Open for WA Agri-Businesses

    A $3.8M competitive grant opens for applications from Western Australian...

Peel’s Natural Advantage

Transform Peel leverages the region’s advantages and opportunities of proximity to transport routes of road, rail, air and ports and a shared time zone with developing Asian markets. A rapidly growing population, access to onsite research, development and training facilities, and best practice food provenance represent the depth of this opportunity.

Transform Peel is an integrated approach to building regional resilience and promoting economic development encompassing innovative water, energy and waste management solutions combining three strategic initiatives; Peel Business Park, including the WA Food Innovation Precinct, the Peel Agri Food Study and the Peel Integrated Water Initiative.

The Peel Harvey Estuary