The Peel Regional Investment Blueprint provides a shared vision of the Peel as a progressive, prosperous and dynamic region and outlines strategies for regional stakeholder to work towards together to achieve the desired future. Each year we provide an update as to the collective achievements against the plan through the Blueprint Scorecards.

Acknowledging the findings of the 2018 Blueprint monitoring process for the first time in 2019 we have included a focus on achievements against Wise Use of our Environment as a key element underpinning how we want our region to operate.

There is plenty to celebrate in the Scorecards, regional leaders and stakeholders are to be congratulated on their efforts. The collaborative approach taken across the region will enable us to meet many more challenges together in the years ahead.

Download the Scorecards here


The Peel Development Commission wishes to thank all those who have provided feedback on the Peel Regional Investment Blueprint.

The Blueprint identifies goals and strategies encompassed within five themes considered pivotal to the region’s future:

Thriving industry – a broadened and diversified industry base to boost the depth and breadth of employment across the region.

Agriculture and food innovation – increased economic expansion, market base and international competitiveness of the region’s agribusiness sector through innovation in production methods and renewable water and energy supplies.

Tourism excellence – a network of natural adventures that attracts visitors and enables them to engage with the Peel’s natural and built attractions in a sustainable manner.

Capable people – the availability of an educated and highly skilled workforce with the capacity and capability to flexibly respond to workforce requirements of the future.

Strong and resilient communities – creation of support services and infrastructure that will ensure the community is strong and resilient and able to increase its participation in, and contribution to, the future development of the Peel.

Each theme highlights a number of focus areas, against which strategies for implementation and potential investment opportunities have been identified.

Implementation will be led by the Peel Development Commission and will occur through continued communication, consultation and collaboration with regional stakeholders.

The Regional Investment Blueprint initiative is supported by a $330 million investment through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

To download:

Peel Regional Investment Blueprint

At a Glance – A summary of the Peel Regional Investment Blueprint